Groupe of ripenessMedium
Vegetative period280-285 days
Plant heightSemi-dwarf
Weight of 1000 kernels42-45 g
Rate of sowing, mln/ha4,5-5,5
Drought resistance9
Winter hardiness9
Resistance to sinking8
Resistance to lodging9
Resistance to mildew6
Resistance to Fusarium и Drechslera6
Resistance to Puccinia recondita9

New highly productive variety with complex disease resistance. It responds well to mineral nutrition, forms a high quality grain.

Intensive type, semi-dwarf (80-90 cm), universal usage, resistant to lodging (8-9 points).
Medium ripened, with a vegetative period of 280-285 days.
Potential grain yield is 110-120 centners per hectare, in state tests, the excess of the yield in comparison with the conditional standard for 2016 and 2017 amounted to 7 to 12%.

Resistant to Puccinia recondita, sinking.
Winter hardiness is very high (9 points).
Drought resistance is very high (9 points).
Location: Steppe and Forest Steppe of Ukraine