About us

The main areas of activity of “Company LIST” LLC are providing agricultural producers with high-quality seed material of their own selection.

Our company has extensive experience in this field of agriculture acquired over 30 years of its existence. We have established ourselves on the agricultural market as a reliable, decent, serious business partner, as evidenced by the trust of our customers in various regions of Ukraine. Our products have been extensively tested in various climate zones and have received positive feedback from farmers.

Our research and production enterprise has its own varieties of winter wheat registered in the Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine: LIST-25, Palyanitsa, Zlatoglava, Balagura, Makarovka, Smaragd; winter barley: Winner; spring barley: Garant Premium; Mustang oats; sunflower hybrids: Commander, Suliko, Euro, Cross, Carbon, Kremin, Thanos. “Company LIST” LLC annually confirms the status of a seed enterprise for the cultivation of pre-basic, basic and certified seeds, which is registered in the Register of producers of seeds and planting material.

Our breeders have created several varieties of winter and spring cereals with their original characteristics and properties. Yes, we were one of the first to establish the superiority of semi-dwarf varieties of winter wheat and began to intensively introduce them into production. The result was the rapid spread across Ukraine of List 25 and Palyanitsa varieties, which are more flexible in terms of yield and at the same time have good drought resistance in the south.

We are also known and highly valued outside of Ukraine. In particular, in Turkey, the Zlatoglava wheat variety deservedly took one of the first places among our partners. Due to its high drought and heat resistance, this variety took the first place among local, European varieties, and at the same time, under irrigation conditions in Turkey, it showed a yield of more than 90 t/ha, leaving behind all other varieties grown on the farm.

Sunflower is one of the main crops in our selection work. At the dawn of our selection work, a lot of effort and time was invested in creating the very first Derkul and Donbas hybrids, which are classic hybrids for the traditional cultivation system. Undemanding to cultivation technology, high drought resistance, the possibility of maneuvering with sowing dates (until June 20) due to early ripening contributed to their wide distribution in the southeastern region.

Aidar, Starobilsky and Stepok hybrids, which were in great demand a few years ago, managed to preserve these properties and provide a higher potential yield. The early maturity of these hybrids with an additional positive property (plants are slightly lower in height) makes it possible to better chop the stems after harvesting and to prepare the soil well for sowing winter crops. To replace the old hybrids, the early-maturing hybrids that did not have resistance to the wolfberry came a new one that is in demand in all regions and provides resistance to Orobanche cumana – this is the Cross hybrid.

But early-ripening hybrids, even with high drought resistance, sometimes cannot withstand the summer heat. As an option for this, it is advisable to use hybrids with later ripening. Therefore, in the selection process, we prefer a weighted growing season, in which there is an opportunity to clear the field after sunflower as early as possible and at the same time use the maximum amount of effective temperatures for crop formation. One example of the result of such work is the Komandor hybrid, which has a vegetation period of 112-113 days and is resistant to 7 races of broomrape.

We understand the importance of raising the quality of domestic seeds to a high level as a strategic security of the agrarian country. That is why we are making efforts to comply with cultivation technology, to bring the seeds to high conditions, which will give high yields and high quality in Ukrainian fields.