About us

The main activities of the Luhansk Institute of Breeding and Technology (LLC “LIST”) are to provide agricultural producers with high quality seed material of their own breeding.

LLC “LIST” has a large, acquired over 30 years experience in this field of agriculture. We have proved in the agrarian market like a reliable, decent, serious business partner, as evidenced by the trust of our clients in various regions of Ukraine. Our products have undergone extensive trials in different climatic zones and have received positive conclusions from agrarians.

The scientific enterprise has its own varieties of winter wheat registered in the Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine: LIST-25, Palyanitsa, Zlatoglava, Metalist; winter barley: the winner; spring barley: Garant Premium; Oat Mustang; Sunflower hybrids: Starobelsky, Stepok, Lyman, Aidar, Credo, Donbass, Derkul, Comandor. LLC “LIST” annually confirms the status of the seed company for the cultivation of dairy, basic and certified seeds, which is registered in the Register of producers of seeds and planting material.

Scientists of LLC “LIST” have created several varieties of winter and spring cereals with their original features and properties. So, we were one of the first to establish the preference of semi-dwarf varieties of winter wheat and began intensively to introduce them into production. The result was the rapid spread of varieties List 25 and Palyannytsia, which are more flexible in yields with a simultaneously good drought tolerance in the south, where the average yield is 40-45 centners per hectare and high productivity in the center of Ukraine and in the north, where they collect from 70 to 110 centners / ha.

The activities of our institute are not limited only to the territories of Ukraine. We are well known and appreciated also outside our borders. In particular, in Turkey, the wheat variety Zlatoglav duly took one of the first places among our partners. Due to its high drought hardiness, this variety was ranked first among local, European and Russian varieties, however, under irrigation in Turkey, yielded more than 90 centners / ha, leaving behind all other varieties grown on the farm.

In the Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine recently appeared another high-yielding variety of winter wheat Metalist with high quality of flour. Our varieties of spring cereals – Garant Premium barley and Mustang oats are well adapted to the stress conditions of the Steppe, but at the same time have become widespread in the zone of the Forest-steppe and even the Polissya. Good feedback from partners from Zhytomyr region, for example, motivates us to continue to produce high-quality seeds and improve breeding for high yields and quality in each individual case.

Sunflower is one of the main crops at LLC Lugansk Institute of Breeding and Technologies. Many forces and time were invested in the creation of the first Derkul and Donbass hybrids, which are classical hybrids for the traditional cultivation system. The unpretentiousness to cultivating technology, high drought tolerance, and the ability to maneuver with sowing dates (until June 10) at the expense of early onset contributed to their widespread distribution to the south-eastern region of Ukraine.

To save these properties and to give more potential yield to newly created hybrids Aidar, Starobilsky and Stepok. The early maturity of these hybrids with an additional positive property (plants slightly lower in height) gives the opportunity to better shred the stems after harvest and qualitatively prepare the soil for winter crops sowing.

But early-maturing hybrids, even with high drought tolerance, can sometimes withstand summer heat. As an option, it is expedient to use hybrids with a later maturing. Particularly – the Lyman hybrid with a vegetative period of 115-118 days, which very well responds to additional mineral nutrition. The Liman hybrid is characterized by the fact that every additional centner of mineral fertilizer translates into a significant increase in crop depending on the conditions of cultivation.

The latest innovations of our breeding – hybrids of sunflower Lyman OR and Comandor are resistant to Orobanche 7 races from A to G. These hybrids of the Steppe direction combine resistance to drought and high temperatures with the simultaneous high potential of yield in wet conditions and resistance to damage by gray and white rot, phomopsis and break of the stem. Taking into account the tendencies of distribution of Orobanche in the territory of Ukraine, such hybrids are becoming more relevant for such regions as Luhansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporozhye regions.

Working with us you get:

We understand the importance of raising the quality of Ukrainian seeds as a strategic security of an agrarian country. Therefore, we strive to adhere to the growing technology, bringing seeds to high conditions, which perform high yields and high quality on every field.