Groupe of ripenessMid-early
Vegetative period110-113 days
Plant height160-170 cm
Diameter of head20-21 cm
Weight of 1000 kernels60-65 g
Oil content49-51%
Yield potential3,8-4,2 t/ha
Drought resistance7
Resistance to Phoma oleracea8
Resistance to Phomopsis helianthi8
Resistance to Plasmopara halstedii7
Resistance to Botrytis cinerea8
Resistance to Sclerotinia scletotium9
Resistance to broomrape (races)7 (A, B, C, D, E, F, G)


Hybrid of intensive type with dry area adaptation. Created for cultivation on the production system with usage of imidazolinone herbicides.

Resistant to rust, white and gray rot head shaped. Has a slow growth energy, good leveling in crops and simultaneous ripening.

Hybrid is characterized by high resistance to drought and high temperatures. It responds well to the improvement of agricultural technology and the leveled density of sowing, the application of mineral fertilizers. The hybrid responds well to vertical basic tillage. Has increased resistance to breaking the stem. The head is dense, thin, quickly dries. The seeds are large, deep, which determines the high production potential.

The optimal density of plants during the vegetation period is 50-55 thousand ha. Optimum seeding time is early. The most recent sowing season in the eastern regions and in the south is till 20 May.