Groupe of ripenessEarly
Vegetative period108-1110 days
Plant height170-180 cm
Diameter of head18-20 cm
Weight of 1000 kernels55-60 g
Oil content48-50%
Yield potential5,0-5,5 t/ha
Drought resistance8
Resistance to Phoma oleracea7
Resistance to Phomopsis helianthi8
Resistance to Plasmopara halstedii7
Resistance to Botrytis cinerea8
Resistance to Sclerotinia scletotium7
Resistance to broomrape (races)(A, B, C, D, E, F, G)


Highly productive drought-resistant hybrid, responds well to mineral nutrition, resistant to lodging, lupus and major diseases

The optimal density of standing plants during the growing season in the steppe zone is
50-55 thousand / ha, in the Forest-Steppe zone – 60-65 thousand / ha, in the Polissya zone – 65-70 thousand / ha.

The optimal sowing period is in May. The latest sowing date is June 10 and harvesting without desiccation.