Groupe of ripenessMid-early
Vegetative period273-278 days
Plant heightMedium
Weight of 1000 kernels41-43 g
Sowing rate5,0-5,5
Zone of allocationSteppe, Forest-Steppe, Polissya
Yield potential9,5-11,0 t/ha
Drought resistance9
Winter hardiness9
Resistance to sinking8
Resistance to lodging7
Resistance to mildew6
Resistance to Fusarium и Drechslera6
Resistance to Puccinia recondita7

The variety is unpretentious to the predecessor, produces a stable yield even in stressful conditions

The soft winter wheat variety Metallist is derived by intra-hybridization from the Peasant / Omsk 4 combination, characterized by high resistance to snow mildew (8 points), medium resistance to brown leaf rust (5 points), resistance to septoriosis of leaves and powdery mildew above average (7 points).

Approbatory features: a kind of erythrosperm, a strong anthocyanin color of the coleoptile (7 points), a flag leaf curved (7 points), the beginning of ear culling average (5 points), wax plaque on the leaf, and straw from weak to medium (3-5 points), height of the plant medium (5 points), a white colonel of medium length and density, available appendages, spike scales unpaired, grains of red color of medium size. The middle-growing variety (height 85-100 cm), characterized by high resistance to sinking (8 points). Winter hardiness is high (9 points), frost resistance is above average – 8 points. The middle-aged variety, ear crop occurs on average 68 days after the restoration of spring vegetation.

The yield during the years of the preliminary and competitive testing was 6.7 t / ha, maximum 8.2 t / ha. The grain filling is high (8 points), the weight of 1000 grains is about 40 g, the weight of the grain from the ear 1.65 g, the density of the ear colic is 22.5 ears per 10 cm of ear.