Seeds are ready for shipment

In the 2023-2024 season, the assortment of hybrid sunflower seeds of the company LIST breeding includes three positions:

1) the classic Komandor hybrid, resistant to seven races of orobanche;

2) hybrid Suliko, resistant to tribenuron-methyl, 50 g/ha;

3) the herbicide-resistant imidazolinone hybrid Euro, which is also resistant to seven races of sunflower.

The seeds of each of the hybrids were obtained from hybridization sites located with a space isolation of 1.5 km or more, which ensures impeccable varietal purity of the obtained seeds. Under such conditions, the placement of seed plots excludes the possibility of cross-pollination of female plants form other foreign sunflower plants and, accordingly, the resistance of the obtained hybrid seeds to herbicides that the farmer plans to apply to his fields is maintained.

Thus, we provide the farmer with the opportunity to use any of the modern sunflower growing technologies that suits him in each case.