The main activities of LLC “LIST” are to provide agricultural producers with high quality seed material of its own breeding.

LLC “LIST” has a large, acquired over 30 years experience in area of agriculture. We have proved ourselves in the agrarian market as a reliable, decent, serious business partner, as evidenced by the trust of our clients in various regions of Ukraine. Our products have undergone extensive trials in different climatic zones and have received positive conclusions from agrarians.

We understand the importance of raising the quality of Ykrainian seeds as a strategic security of an agrarian country. Therefore, we strive to adhere to the growing technology, bringing to high conditioned seeds, which give high yields and high quality on every field.



Yield results at demo


In Sofiyivskyi district, which in the Dnipropetrovsk region, the crop was harvested at the demonstration plots and hybrid yield results…

Symposium on sunflower broomrape


The event, which took place in Bucharest on July 2-4, 2018, attracted the attention of many scholars and breeding and…