Groupe of ripenessMedium
Vegetative period90-97 days
Plant heightMedium
Weight of 1000 kernels33-35 g
Zone of allocationSteppe, Semi-Steppe, Polissya
Direction of usageFood
Yield potential6,5-8,0 t/ha
Drought resistance7
Heat resistance8
Resistance to mildew6
Resistance to lodging8
Resistance to sinking8
Resistance to Fusarium и Drechslera6
Resistance to Puccinia coronifera7

Grain of the variety has a bigger volume weight compared to other varieties

The Oat Mustang variety was created at the LLC “Lugansk Institute of Breeding and Technologies” in the arid zone of the eastern part of the Ukrainian Steppe. It is created by complex step hybridization with the participation of several varieties from different ecological zones with subsequent individual selection.

Variety – Aurea. Type of bush – intermediate. Volot half-squeezed in length 18-24 cm lateral branches go up from the stem at an acute angle. Spike scales along the length and width are average. Spikes are basically two-grain. Grain yellow, well developed, with a sharp apex, medium. There is no pubescence of the upper stem node. The presence of a wax plaque on the lower floral scales, the pubescence of the base of the first medium of medium grain. The ointment is absent or very weak. The weight of 1000 grains is 28-32 g, the filamentary average (24-26%). Stem height 90-110 cm, medium thickness. The pubescence and wax plaque on the leaves are absent. The base of the bottom grains is naked. The content of protein in grain is 13.5-14.5%.

The varieties are medium-aged (growing season 90-97 days). Persistent to dusty main, weakly susceptible to coronary rust, drought tolerance high. Resistant to aspiration. The straw height is 5-10 cm bigger than the standard Grain variety. It has a large (mass of 1000 grains 36.1-37.5 g) leveled grain, reduced film thickness (24.5-25.6%), in kind 540-560 g / l, protein content in grain 12.8-13, 5%.