Late sowing 2021

Finally, we waited for one of the main events in the life of agrarians – sowing. The beginning of this year seemed unusual for both humans and plants. The late spring of this year has made significant adjustments to the pre-planned timing of sowing and placement of various crops in many farms. Our company, sowing the parent components of its own hybrids in hybridization areas in different regions of the country, withstands spatial isolation, which is one of the main components in the production of quality seed.

But unfortunately this year there is a picture when the share of sunflower crops in Ukraine has increased significantly and it is extremely difficult to find the isolation of seed plots from other production crops of sunflower. This is not surprising, because the price of sunflower has reached the highest level in 10 years. Many land users are neglecting crop rotation to make more money in the near future.

Despite this, we were still lucky to find unique places where the spatial isolation is fully maintained. These are options on the peninsula and surrounded by winter, and corn, and so on. Also, an important condition for obtaining a hybrid is high-quality sowing material of sown seeds of parental forms. This applies to both genetic purity and general sowing conditions of seeds.

We wish everyone a good harvest and confidence in the future!