Symposium on sunflower broomrape

The event, which took place in Bucharest on July 2-4, 2018, attracted the attention of many scholars and breeding and seed companies from all over the world. The symposium on sunflower broomrape is very relevant today, given the acute problem of spreading the parasite by many regions, not limited to the borders of countries. Problems and questions raised at the symposium are especially important for the Ukrainian agricultural producer.


The high level of attention of many scientists to the problems of the spread of sunflower seeds, its modifications and biology of the development of the parasite, shows a high risk in practice, taking into account the assessment of the damage to the parasite in agricultural production. The danger is measured by the percentage of the unprofitable sunflower harvest, which varies widely, reaching up to 80% or even 100% in individual cases.


The main discussions of the world community on the topic show the priority direction of the movement of the breeding process in the creation of new lines and forms of sunflower plants. Many theses of the symposium encourage certain actions in the development of new products. And the decision taken at the end of the symposium enables the breeding company LIST to realize the aspiration to ultimately provide the customer with material that has the highest resistance to sunflower broomrape.