Groupe of ripenessMedium
Vegetative period280-285 days
Plant heightMedium
Weight of 1000 kernels42-44 g
Sowing rate5,0-5,5
Zone of aalocationSteppe, Forest-Steppe
Yield potential95-105 t/ha
Drought resistance9
Winter hardiness9
Resistance to sinking8
Resistance to lodging8
Resistance to mildew7
Resistance to Fusarium и Drechslera7
Resistance to Puccinia recondita8

The variety reacts well to high agrobackground, has high baking quality.
Sowing terms: the end of the optimum – the start of admissible late

Intensive type, medium-sized (80-100 cm), universal use, resistant to lodging (7-8 points).

Middle height, with a vegetative period of 280-285 days.

Potential grain yields of 90-95 c / ha, in the state and production trials the yield of wheat was 60 to 90 c / ha.

Resistant to brown rust, root rot, powdery mildew, septoriosis, fusarium cortex.

Has a high winter hardiness (8-9 points).

Location zone: Steppe and Forest-steppe of Ukraine.

Approbation signs. The kind of erythrosnermum, a white colon, a medium density (9-10 cm). The shoulder is narrow, straight. Grain oval ovoid, medium size with shallow groove. Mass of 1000 grains – 42-48 g.

Agro-technical features. The sowing dates are the end of the optimal and the beginning of the later ones is admissible. Sowing rate – 4,5-5,0 million similar seeds per 1 hectare. Well reacts to high agrofon. Protection against diseases and weeds – commonly used for processing intensive winter wheat varieties.