Spring-summer 2023

The weather conditions of 2023 were unusual and atypical for the third year in a row. The cold and rainy spring, which prevented spring crops from being sown on time, certainly had an impact on the development of events during sowing. Early spring crops had to be sown late, or not sown at all and the previously planned crops had to be changed in the crop rotation. For example, one of LIST company’s oat seed plots was also sown late, which had a negative impact on plant growth and development. This is especially felt against the background of another seed plot of the same oat variety, which miraculously managed to be sown at the optimal time. The difference is huge.

The time for varietal cleaning of winter wheat came later than usual. This was caused by a cold, rainy spring and an unusually cool and wet beginning of summer. Vegetation in all crops has lengthened. It was not easy to carry out various cleanings in view of the rains, which in various regions interfered with the planned works. Nevertheless, we managed! All fields with high reproductions were prepared for harvesting.

Before harvesting, we found time to visit our partners in Turkey at the test site of new wheat varieties, including varieties and breeding lines of our company, which consistently show high results in the conditions of northern Anatolia of the Turkish plateau.