Garant Premium

Groupe of ripenessMid-early
Vegetative period93-98 дн
Plant heightMedium
Weight of 1000 kernels43-48 g
Zone of allocationSteppe, Semi-steppe
Quantity of grain rowsTwo-row
Yield potential7,0-8,5 t/ha
Drought resistance8
Heat resistance9
Resistance to mildew7
Resistance to lodging8
Resistance to Tilletia and Ustilago8
Resistance to Fusarium и Drechslera7
Resistance to Helmintosporium7

Variety of grain and food direction, grain equilization is high. Variety of steppe ecotype, intense,
flexible. In extreme conditions it gives yields higher and more stable yield compared to other varieties

Barley variety Garant Premium is created at LLC “Lugansk Institute of Selection and Technologies” in the arid zone of the eastern part of the Ukrainian Steppe. It was created by hybridizing with the participation of several varieties from different ecological zones with subsequent individual selection. Designed for heavily arid conditions. The ear is a two-row, medium-length (6-8 cm), medium density (10-11 segments per 4 cm of the spike rod), shallow, straw yellow, tapering to the top. Ears are long, smooth, parallel, thin, elastic, straw-yellow, to the ripening phase, the tips can get anthocyanin color. Spike scales are thin, medium, broad-lanceolate, without edges. Flower scales weakly marshchist, nerve damage is well detected. The transition of the flower scales to the steppe gradually. The main bristle of grain with short hair. Cerebral large, light yellow, oval-shaped. Bush erect. The sheet is undocumented, intermediate, green. Height of plants 70-100 cm. Varietal medium, vegetation period 80-86 days, plants of middle-aged 60-80 cm. Susceptibility to leaching of 4,6; Aspiration 4.7; to drought 4.8-4.9; fitness for mechanized harvesting 4.8 points. It is weakly affected by powdery mildew, helminthosporium, root rot and skrytsostebelnymi pests. Tolerance to flying, solid matter. Variety Garant Premium is of grain and food direction, grain leveling is high (95%), the content of crude protein in grain is 12.0-13.5% average. The weight of 1000 grains is 45-52 g. The grade of steppe ecotype, intense, plastic, drought-resistant, heat-resistant. In extreme conditions, cultivation yields higher and more stable crops.